March 19, 2011 – June 19, 2011

Image: Frey Harvest, Photograph by Frey Vineyards, c. 1970s

There comes a time for every community to stop and take a good look at itself. How often do we give ourselves the opportunity to ask, “What brought me here, of all places?” “What are the challenges?” and “What do I like best of all about this place I call home?” This exhibit was an inquiry into–and a celebration of–what makes the Ukiah Valley unique and what continues to shape our distinct character.

Look at Who We Are: Stories of Home, guest curated by local resident Grace Magruder Provan, was a combination of visual stories brought to life by images and objects, and digital stories: short, first-person video-narratives created by members of the local community. These stories helped distinguish who we are and highlighted themes that are, and continue to be, important to us. They told of groups of people finding a place to call their own; businesses and industries serving as cornerstones for the local economy; people challenging us to consider how we grow the food we eat; and families and organizations celebrating, sharing, and honoring their unique culture.

It was not the intention of this exhibit to represent the only important stories of this area, nor even the most important ones. While the stories featured have helped define this area, they were merely a starting point, an inspiration for dialogue. Through these stories, this exhibit created a framework into which thousands of personal accounts and recollections could, and should be, infused. There is much more to be said about each one of them.

We invited you to come learn about our own history, engage in conversation about our collective home, and reflect on, perhaps even share, your personal stories about why you are here and why you stay.

GMO Free Mendocino logo, designed by Sid Cooperrider, c. 2003

GMO Free Mendocino logo, designed by Sid Cooperrider, c. 2003