August 10, 2013 through October 13, 2013

(See the October 2013 issue of American Art Review for more
on Zornes and the exhibit at the Grace Hudson Museum.)

This exhibit featured the exceptional work of James Milford Zornes (1908-2008), who preferred the term “painter” to “artist” when describing himself. An inspired American watercolorist, he saw himself as the common man sharing his subjects with the public. This painter’s work spanned nine decades and his travels took him around the world, painting and teaching as he went. While he painted in several mediums, he developed an international reputation based on his watercolor landscapes. His rhythmic, direct, simplified style of brushwork remains an important influence on watercolorists, especially the workshop students from Milford’s fifty years of art instruction. This exhibit was organized by the Grace Hudson Museum and curated by Maria and Hal Baker, Milford’s daughter and son-in-law.