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September 6 through December 28, 2014

California Artist Grace Hudson in Hawaii
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Opening on Saturday, September 6, our current show is Days of Grace: California Artist Grace Hudson in Hawaii. This landmark exhibit brings together, for the first time ever, many of the existing paintings and sketches that the Museum's namesake artist made in 1901 during a restorative stay in Hawaii. It features Hudson's seldom-seen portraits of Native Hawaiian and Asian women and children, plus charming landscapes and seascapes. These are supplemented by Hawaiian artifacts Grace collected, her letters to and from family members during her sojourn, and photos she took of her surroundings.

Included are rare works from other painters in Hawaii that Grace met while there, including Helen Whitney Kelley; Theodore Wores; Charles Furneaux; D. Howard Hitchcock; illustrator Charles Bradford Hudson (no relation to Grace or her husband, John); and Harold Meade Mott-Smith. An extensive catalog will be available in the Museum Gift Shop. This exhibit is co-curated by Karen Holmes, Grace Hudson Museum Registrar & Carpenter Family Historian, and Sherrie Smith-Ferri, Grace Hudson Museum Director.

Emma Square, Painting No. 187, Grace Hudson, 1901, 29" x 24", Oil on canvas, Collection of George Weatherston

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Painting No. 197
Grace Hudson, 1901
8" x 5"

Oil on board
Collection of the Grace Hudson Museum

 Chinese Child Sitting
in Doorway
Painting No. 189
Grace Hudson, 1901

6" x 5"

Oil on board
Collection of the Grace Hudson Museum


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Grace Hudson's palette, painting diary, and painting supplies
Circa 1901
Collection of the Gr
ace Hudson Museum

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Grace Hudson in Hawaii
Photographer unknown
Collection of the Grace Hudson Museum

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The Artist and His Wife, Honolulu

Harold Meade Mott-Smith
Circa 1898
24" x 18"
Oil on canvas
Courtesy Douglas Frazer Fine Art, Medina, WA



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