We rely on the generous support of members and donors. Become part of this unique artistic legacy by participating in one of the many avenues of giving offered below.

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Donate to the Wild Gardens

We are in the final phases of developing the existing Museum campus into an Outdoor Nature Education Center named The Wild Gardens. A series of native plant gardens with exhibits and art aimed at teaching visitors about the local environment and how Pomo Indian people managed this landscape and used many native species.

Restore a Treasure

Many paintings and other cultural and historic artifacts in our collection are more than a century old and are in need of conservation or repair. Help us restore these treasures and keep them in good condition. Donations of $500 or more will be acknowledged in your name for a year, or in a name of your choosing, on the restored object’s gallery label.

Sponsor an Exhibit

Each year the Grace Hudson Museum presents four different exhibits on a variety of art, natural history, Native American or history-related themes. We depend on sponsors to help us cover the costs of installing each exhibit, costs such as mounting and framing, fine art shipping, exhibit cases and pedestals, painting supplies, loan fees, the design and printing of exhibit flyers, etc. Help us make opportunities for education and the enjoyment of beauty possible! Exhibit sponsors are acknowledged in a variety of ways, depending on the level of sponsorship.

Maintain & Restore The Sun House

John and Grace Hudson’s redwood Craftsman bungalow, the Sun House, recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary. This historical Ukiah icon is California Landmark No. 926 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. Like all old houses, it needs ongoing maintenance and repair. Please help us fund its upkeep or make desired renovation projects (like replacing the knob and tube wiring) possible.

Acquisition Fund

The Grace Hudson Museum’s collections are always increasing. Most often this occurs through donations or the bequest process. Sometimes, however, unexpected opportunities arise to purchase Hudson paintings, Pomo basketry, or other artifacts and artwork of significance to the Grace Hudson Museum’s existing holdings. Gifts to the Acquisition Fund make it possible for the Museum to take advantage of these opportunities.

Give a Monthly Donation

You can ensure we have the resources needed to continue the legacy of Grace for the future with a monthly donation to Grace Hudson Museum. Your support of GHM's educational and conservation work will make a world of difference.

Your annual donation commitment makes you a Member of GHM for the year. A monthly gift of $100+ for a year enrolls you to the President’s Circle for the year.

Special Programs for Giving


sponsor a paver

We are selling two sizes of engraved pavers, to be set in the Museum’s new outdoor entry plaza, to pay for planned public art pieces and interpretive elements in The Wild Gardens. A 4” x 8” engraved paver can be purchased for $500 or a 8” x 8” paver can be purchased for $1,000. If you are interested in having your gift go to a specific art element of The Wild Gardens, please contact the Museum Director at (707) 467-2836.

engrave your paver

sun house guild partners

Partners are a community of donors committed to ensuring the Sun House and Museum Legacy.  As an historical landmark the Sun House is over 100 years old.  Only consistent maintenance and repairs, such as wood preservative treatments and other restoration projects to preserve the birdbath, arbor and wishing well when needed will ensure its continued existence.  At the museum, there are many special needs that are not covered by the city budget and dedicated donors are essential in providing the necessary funding.  Each donor will be recognized within the museum at our Partners kiosk.

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